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In 2009, Mr Holmes started in business as a sole trader providing commercial, domestic, electrical and air conditioning maintenance repairs and servicing.

After a couple of years, the company decided to expand and enter into the growing market of commercial extract and ventilation systems, carrying out workshop repairs and servicing with our accredited motor repair and service team. The Company started carrying out supply and installation of extract fans and extract fan systems. Our clients include industrial projects - The Polish Bakery Ltd and commercial projects. 


Due to installing many new air conditioning units, attending call outs and break downs and repairing existing units; these have resulted in the company facing a growing demand for routine maintenance and servicing. This has reinforced greater experience and professional service which Holmes Air Conditioning Services & Electrical Ltd supplies to our clients - leaving our clients satisfied with the level of services H.A.E.S has provided.


After a couple of years, we decided to enter into the growing market for domestic electrical and air conditioning maintenance and installation; then later onto commercial air conditioning, commercial and industrial extract and ventilation systems for restaurants and bakery factories.


Individual projects are structured and staffed according to their individual needs and if appropriate, an organization chart is produced to provide clarity.


As well as providing maintenance services, the company is also recognized as a competent installer of building services.

Again, as projects vary in size, location and complexity, we are structured and staffed according to these needs.


When taking on large contracts, we often use sub contractors to carry out the more time consuming works, freeing up members of our technical staff so we can carry out more management and client liaison in regards to the work being carried out.

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Email: info@holmesservices.co.uk