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  • Indoor unit filter clean
  • Leak test connections and coils
  • Flush indoor condensate pipe
  • Clean condensate pump
  • Clean or replace indoor air filters
  • Clean indoor fan scroll
  • Clean indoor heat exchange
  • Clean indoor condensate drip tray
  • Record indoor operating data
  • Check the indoor earth continuity
  • Check the indoor and outdoor electrical  terminals

Ventilation and Extract Systems

  • Inspect and  replace filters
  • Inspect and replace drive belts
  • Inspect and grease bearings
  • Inspect and clean cooling and heating coils if required
  • Inspect fan motor
  • Inspect and clean duct work
  • Inspect electrical terminal connections
  • Record current amp readings
  • Record extraction and air supply rate
  • Remove fan for baking off grease from fan motor and case if required

Electrical Inspection and testing
  • Periodic inspection reports
  • Miner inspection reports
  • Initial Electrical certificates domestic and commercial 
  • Electrical terminal inspection